Osborne Livestock Comm. LLC
600 W. Adams PO Box 282

Osborne, KS
(785) 346-2351

Ethan Jaymes, Manager
(785) 372-1581

Frank Seidel, Owner
(785) 650-4919

Upcoming Sale Schedule
April 15th - Special Back to Grass Sale And a Cow/Pair Sale - We will welcome Blaine Lotz,
Kansas Native & World Champion Auctioneer

April 22nd- Regular Sale

April 29th - Regular Sale


Wednesday is Sale Day starting at 11 AM on Weigh Up Cows & Bulls
Calves & Feeders at 12:30



If you are interested in buying or viewing the auction online go to


click view auctions
find Osborne Livestock Comm, LLC
*Note you will have to create an account to watch the auction*







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